dev4AgTools terms and conditions

The dev4Ag Tools are developed to help software developers in their daily work with ISOBUS and ISOXML.

Terms and conditions

  • The dev4AgTools can be used free of charge by any natural person or company
  • dev4Agriculture is free to change the license model of the dev4AgTools at any point in time.
  • dev4Agriculture is not responsible for any misinterpretation of data or any results taken from that.
  • The user agrees to keep his credentials secretly
  • By signing up to the service you agree to receive an email whenever these terms and conditions change.

Data privacy

The dev4Ag Tools are not made to collect any data against the users will. Some information is stored for technical reasons, such as:

  • The IP Adress of any request
  • The date and time of the request
  • Potential error messages in the BackEnd

If you are registered with dev4AgTools, we will additionally store the following information:

  • Your Email Adress from sign up
  • Your Name and last name from Sign up
  • A hashed version of your password to comparison
  • Any message you send to dev4Agriculture via the Button „Share Data“.

In case you want to delete your account, please send an email to