Data exchange through agrirouter

agrirouter is an open and independent data exchange platform to exchange agricultural data of different applications of a farmer or contractor. Its interface is open and standardized.

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You can find an overview of connected apps here:

Consulting and development support

Starting at the first concepts up to the final implementation, we support you in conceptual consulting and developer consulting

Von den ersten KonzeptIdeen bis zur Anbindung Ihrer Software unterstützen wir Sie durch Konzeptberatung und technische Unterstützung.

As author of the  Interface documentation in GitHub and creator of the  video tutorials, we are happy to here from you.

What is your app, where do you need support?

agrirouter made easy with FADE

FADE – the FMIS agrirouter data exchanger – is our fast solution for your cloud connection to agrirouter. Start FADE as a micro service in your cloud or use FADE as your cloud. FADE will handle the whole communication with agrirouter from the onboarding to update of endpoints list and file exchange.

We can provide FADE with specific interfaces to your system or implement your API into the FADE system.

Let’s see, how we can get your solution connected to agrirouter.