agrirouter connection made easy with FADE

FADE (agrirouter Connection), that stands for FMIS agrirouter data exchanger and that’s exactly what it is: a software that handles the data exchange with the agrirouter for your software.

What is FADE?

The FMIS agrirouter Data Exchanger – short “FADE” – is an application, that handles communication of your system with and over the agrirouter.

FADE handles a lot of the work, your system would have to do when connected to the agrirouter like:

  • Onboarding
  • Offboarding
  • Authorization
  • Updating the endpoint list
  • Sending big files in multiple parts
  • etc…

The application is fully configurable so that it can connect to agrirouter with the name, id and capabilities of your System.

This way we are able to create a new fully running agrirouter connection in very short time.

For the connection to your system, we provide different possiblilities including:



– Your own API (this requires custom development)

Advantages in a nutshell

  • Less effort: FADE communicates with agrirouter, you handle the results
  • Data backup: agrirouter doesn’t store data, FADE stores data. In your cloud
  • Your server => your (customers) data: As fade runs within your infrastructure, the data is stored in your cloud system
  • Shared development => Shared costs: As FADE is running in multiple systems you always receive updates
  • Fast entry: Depending on your handling of the data, FADE can be setup fully running in a short period of time.
  • Individualized: You decide, how FADE communicates with agrirouter and your system

Implementation / Integration

After a short introduction of your system, we’ll decide in collaboration, how FADE is best integrated into your system.

We customize the software for every customers needs.

The integration of FADE into your system is done in teamwork.

Of course you will receive a full documentation of FADE.

Usage scenarios

FADE in your cloud

You already have your own cloud telemetry system or FMIS?

Simply run FADE as a microservice in your cloud.

FADE as your cloud

You develop a desktop application or Telemetry Units/Terminals?

Use FADE as your cloud server to connect your devices to agrirouter.