Products and services

dev4Agriculture is specialized in the development of tools and components to use in iot development for agricultural iot solutions. Our focus here is the data exchange between agricultural software and agricultural machines and their electronic components.

ISOXML Database

Increase your ISOXML import and export compatibility.

ISOXML Anonymizer

Debugging meets data privacy. Exchange ISOXML files with other members of the ecosystem without concerning about privacy issues. The ISOXML anonymizer removes all privacy relevant information so that you can forward broken or incompatible ISOXML files for debugging.


agrirouter connection made easie. With FADE, you connect your cloud with agrirouter in a minimum of time.


Shape2ISOXML Converter

Shape is a common format in GIS systems, ISOXML is a common format on ISOBUS terminals.
We help you to convert Shape to ISOXML and provide more compatible TaskSets to your customers terminal.