Shape2ISOXML Converter Service

Shape is a common format in GIS systems, ISOXML is a common format on ISOBUS terminals.
We help you to convert Shape to ISOXML and provide more compatible TaskSets to your customers terminal.

The offer in bullet points

  • A REST-service to translate Shape to ISOXML
  • Basic ISOXML knowledge as document and consulting

How the solution will work

The result will be an ISOXML TaskDataSet including Prescription maps as grids.

ISOXML TaskDataSet


This is how the service will be set up. The blue Shape2ISOXML Converter will be provided as OpenSource on the dev4Agriculture GitHub.

Shape2ISOXML Converter

What you receive for your investment?

  • The Shape2ISOXML Converter Library (OpenSource!)
  • A license for the server for the REST API service for selfhosting (ClosedSource)
  • 4 month of free hosted service on our server to speed up your integration
  • A description of basic ISOXML to create basic TaskData Files (Customers, Fields, Tasks, Products)
  • Up to 3h of integration support for API and ISOXML Implementation
  • Up to 4h of development/support to support your Shape files

When will the service be available?

We are currently planning a release by end of May 2021. Please be aware, that this timeline might be adjusted in the final offer.

What, if you need more?

Of course we offer further consulting services on ISOXML and agrirouter. Just contact us.


Initial Development

The development costs shall be shared between 3 “early bird” integrators.

Hosted server (optional)

To allow a faster integration, we will provide an optional hosted service to run the REST interface for Shape2ISOXML in our infrastructure.